Saturday, 28 April 2007

Vino 125 custom

A Surprisingly Good Scoot!

Who would have thought I'd be riding a scooter as my main mode of transport. I have owned and restored a GPZ 750, rode a Tenere 600 half way around Australia, had an XR250 as my first means of road transport, raced a KR1 250, now own a KLR 650 which I have just restored and am looking for a Ducati as a project bike to rebuild.

I do have to say that out of all the bikes, the most fun I have had has been riding this runabout on the left!

Here are a few picks of my ride. If you own a Vino you'll come to realise that there are very few accessories that you can buy to ramp it up. I hope to add to this blog with new custom pics and any tips that I have as I take this scooter from a stock-standard ride to something that suits me more.

I have added a few bits to pep it up a bit, but hope to take it further. If you read this and have any tips, advice or suggestions on what you have done with your own, I would love to hear.

On the front I have added a Vespa rack. It fits, but I'm sure that some of the purists would scorn. The other additions have been chrome detailing framing the silver panels which are self adhesive car detailing strips that you can buy from any auto shop. I also added pinstriping along the top of the front wheel guard. I sprayed the muffler guard and kick start and added a rear mudflap.

After beinging involved in an accident with my car, I bought this scooter from a new bike shop in Melbourne called Scooter Garage ( A great crew who give excellent after sales service.

Here are a few pics. I would appreciate any feedback from people who know of some good on-line suppliers or any performance parts that are suitable for this 4-stroke - just to give it a few extra kms on the clock.


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